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Dave Grooms -The SEO Expert

You only pay when on the first page

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I am so confident that I can achieve Google page one rankings for my clients that I offer a fixed price Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service. You only pay me once I have got your site on the first page of Google for your chosen keywords.


I have come across many companies providing SEO services that just don’t deliver results. They either fail to get them to the top of the search engines or rank the web site for keywords that have very little traffic.


My Pay For Results SEO service takes the worry and risk out of achieving top positions on Google and other search engines. You can be confident that I am working extremely hard on your behalf, because if I don't produce the desired results I don't get paid! You choose the keywords and I take all the risk.


How Does It Work?


  1. You fill in the form at the bottom of this page
  2. I then start work on getting your web site to the top of Google.


  1. I will send you detailed rankings report on the 1st of every month
  2. When you get on page one for each of your keywords you pay me
  3. If I fail to get you on page one within 6 months (This really will not happen) I cancel the project and you owe me nothing.

Once you have reached page one I would have proved how good I am and gain your trust. At this point you can decide if you wish for me to continue my work and go for the #1 position.


The Cost?


My unique Pay For Results SEO prices are very competitive. Imagine the amount of extra sales you will make with a top rankling in Google.


Choose to found on a national, regional or local basis.

Local Search

per keyword

Regional Search

per keyword

National Search

per keyword


How long will it take to get listed?


Getting to top of Google can take some time. My team will work on promoting your site every day (Except a few days over Xmas). Most sites will get to the first page within 3 - 6 months. We have however managed to get sites listed in days. All I ask is that you give our service six months to achieve the top results. Remember that we only get paid if your web site gets to page one so we are highly motivated to getting you there as soon as possible.


Will you need to change my web site


No, we will not need to change your web site. If after getting you onto page one you wish to go for the #1 position then we will need to make a few tweaks to your web site but not for the initial step to get you onto page one.


Once you get me onto page one I am told that I need to keep the SEO promotion work going to stay there.


The hard work is getting you to the fist page. Once I have done this there is no obligation to continue and for local / low competition sites you may not need to do much more SEO work. For more competitive keywords I offer a monthly maintenance service. The cost is just: Local Search - £50 per a month (for 3 keywords), Regional Search - £75 per a month (for 3 keywords) and National Search - £100 per a month (for 3 keywords) or just ask me to give you a boost as and when you need it (SEO Boost cost £50 for 3 keywords).


Remember I would have proved how good I am and you will be getting the benefit of all the extra visitors to your site before making any monthly commitment.


I want to get to #1 spot on Google not just page one.


I hope that most clients will want to continue working with me after I have got them to page one. Once you are on page one we can discuss how we get you to the #1 spot.


Sounds good but why doesn’t every SEO expert offer a pay on results service.


The good SEO guys are happy to provide a fixed price pay on results service. They are confident of their work and know that a page one position is guaranteed. If an SEO company is not willing to offer a payment on results then you should question their ability.


Sounds good can I speak with you?


Of course you can speak to me. Please give me a call on 020 8938 3715 or just fire me an email.


All clients will be given my mobile should they need to get in contact urgently.


What is the catch / small print?


I expect to be paid within 7 days once I have your site on page one of for each of the keywords. I will send you an invoice and you can check Google to confirm I have done what I promised. I have been let down in the past with people using my service and then avoiding payment. If you request that I work on your site and I get the results promised within 6 months then you must pay me. If you fail to do so I will start proceedings quickly and will issue CCJ’s, Statutory Demands and Winding up orders. You have been warned! 99% of my clients are honest people an should ignore this as it will not apply to them.


I cannot control Google and if they change their algorithms then your web site positions will change. Once I have you on page one you may need to purchase more of my services to keep the position. I offer a very competitive (and only payable if I maintain your position) maintenance service.


Your web site will probably fall in rankings when I start promoting it. This is normal and called ‘The Google Dance’. If you currently rely on traffic from your web site then do expect periods when this will drop dramatically


I will charge when each of your keywords has reached page one of You will also benefit from keywords and phrases other than the 'target' keywords that you have requested completely FREE. You will also be listed on all major search engines - not just Google.


The term of my service is 6 months. If you wish to stop before I get results or reach the end of the 6 month period then you will be billed for the services as if it was completed. I need to put a lot of effort into promoting your site everyday and as such you need to give me six months to get results. Remember - If I don’t get you top results you pay NOTHING!


How do I sign up?


Simply fill in the form below and we will get started on promoting your site.


I believe my Pay For Results SEO is the best priced and most effective SEO service available and for many clients my SEO work is the most effective marketing activity they have used. It can take up to six months to get traffic flooding to your site so contact me today to get the ball running quickly.


I don't give lots of testimonials, attend sales presentation or give you lots of sales patter on the phone. Every web site and keyword is different the only way I can prove myself to you is for me to start working on your site.


I take all the risk - You will be rewarded immensely when your web site gets to the top of Google.


Please enter the displayed text to prove that you are human and not a web spam robot

Select 3 keywords you would like your site to be found for. Eg. Electrician Eastbourne, Skip Hire Sussex, Electric Bikes. You will be billed when the first keyword reaches page one of Google. Your site will also be found for many other keywords you do not list and will also be promoted to all the major search engines.

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I confirm that I will pay your invoice with 7 days once I my web site gets on page one of Google

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